Report Date: 07/19/2018

Research Pedigree - 4 Generation
Miss Carmela A Million

Name:Miss Carmela A Million
AKC #:TS272863/01 12-17 Breed/Variety:Yorkshire Terrier
Birth Date:06/16/2015 Sex:Female
Breeder(s):Patricia Smith

Miss Carmela A Million
TS272863/01 12-17
Dreamwood's Little Max A Million
TS166182/01 07-15
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V775863
Momma's Chocolate Suprise
TR984059/02 01-12
Liver & Tan
AKC DNA #V659390
Ck's Magical Thumper
TR707209/03 05-09
Liver & Tan
AKC DNA #V592187
Del Mac's Magical Merlin
TR286262/01 10-06
Liver & Tan
AKC DNA #V536612
Del Mac's Flaming Ruby
TR389584/04 03-08
Liver & Tan
Ck's Lady Jasmine
TR716922/02 05-09
Black & Gold
Cordell's Toby
TR538689/01 04-08
Black & Tan
Skyler-Little Dancin' Paws
TR506716/01 09-07
Blue & Gold
Autum Vom Dreamwood Estates
TS080628/05 09-13
Chocolate & Tan
Beaufords Coco Puff
TR959200/01 06-11 (United States)
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V639422
Sparkman's Magnum Pi
Blue & Gold
Sparkman's Sweetest Sissy
AKC 742661
Beaufords Chocolatta
TR959194/02 03-12 (United States)
Chocolate & Tan
Sparkman's Little Buddy
AKC 742658
Sparkman's Precious Moment
AKC 742659
Rio Samba Melody
TS226558/01 01-16
Rio Bravo De Oro
TS103276/01 03-14
AKC DNA #V736675
Chandler Run's Diamond Rio
TS000207/02 05-12
AKC DNA #V655091
Avenging Avatar Of Chandler Run
TR914087/01 02-11
AKC DNA #V625855
Bogey's Anna Of MTN. Ridge
TP317991/01 03-04
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V686758
Chandler's Lovnme Some Punkin
TR938052/01 01-12
AKC DNA #V659536
Mealony's Sir Stedmen Blue
TR510840/02 09-07
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V497797
Lovee Bunch's From Chandler Run
TR774815/01 05-10
Blue & Tan
Golden Melody D' Amore
TR955598/02 03-14
Blue & Gold
Stepping Out To The Ritz
TR561457/01 11-07
Black & Tan Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V496498
Billy The Kid Of Part-Time
TR503767/04 12-06
Black & Tan Parti-Color
Stepping With Style
TR295234/03 01-07
Blue & Tan
Golden Melody
TR772602/05 08-10
Banchie Of Sapp
TR546849/04 03-08
Black & Gold
AKC DNA #V714977
Randy-N-Kittys Trinity
TR343328/02 10-08
Blue & Tan

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