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                              IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT CHOOSING A YORKIE

Just wanted to comment on a subject that is very important to consider when purchasing your new family member.. No matter what choice you make concerning Choosing a Yorkie. I think we all agree that having a healthy puppy is most important to all. Research, research and know your breeder and where your puppy came from.
I think every Breeder I know will agree with that concept. Breeders that are truly dedicated to the breed are not breeding for money. I know Yorkies are expensive but a true breeder puts their heart and soul, as well as more hours and expense than you can imagine into their babies.
I know we all work really hard to produce fabulous Yorkie lines. Sometimes our days and nites coincide. So I hope anyone looking for a Yorkie to add to their family will be sure to take into consideration how important Bloodline and Breeding really is.  I, and most all of the awesome Breeders I know, spend days and likely months and months researching bloodlines and creating generations of puppies they
have raised themselves to be Yorkies they are proud to have in their program. These are not just Furbabies, they are part of a family and will always be part of an extended family. Our Yorkies
touch our hearts and we go the distance to give you the opportunity to share your love with one
of these awesome babies. You haven't been loved until you know the unconditional love of a
The word "cheap" is never in my vocabulary. No matter if I am looking to add to my Yorkie family or find the most lovingly, perfect family for one of my furbabies. Some think bloodlines are only important if you are breeding. However, the bloodline tells the story of your Yorkie. Just like a humans DNA. It lets you know where a puppy originated, if his line is pure and strong. All things come from their breeding. I do my best to produce beautiful, healthy and strong Yorkie babies that will closely conform to Yorkie standards. I hope you find a Yorkie that brings happiness into your life. They are a uniquely special breed and once you are owned by one you are theirs for life.
Yvonne Cheri
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