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Cheri's Izabel

Izabel was born right here at Yorkies By Cheri, her mother, Lucille Ball, is part of our extended family. Izzy is very precocious, as are most of her offspring. She demands love and attention and will perform all antics to get your attention. She has been a loving part of our family and makes our days full of fun and laughter.  She is a dark Chocolate, like her mother.  Izzy is about 6 lbs.  She is the only offspring of Lucy that was big enough to keep back, as she was a singleton.  Izzy's mom is 5 lbs and her papa is 3.5 lbs.  Izable has a small bloodline and most of her offspring are under 5 lbs

She has great conformation and terrific personality.  She is AKC registered.

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