Yorkies By Cheri 

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    PUPPY PRICES RANGE FROM $1800 TO           $3000  (pet price only)

We will accept a $200 deposit before the babies arrive for puppy clients that would like to lock down their puppy choice.  Puppy choices will be made in the order the deposits are received.  The remaining deposit of $300 will be due at puppy arrival


                     EXPECTED TO ARRIVE SOON

First Puppy Choice is taken by Rebecca
Second Puppy Choice is Taken too


Ziggy is AKC registered.  He has a fantastic pedigree.  

He is out of Natalie's Wee Nina and Natalies' Lewis.  He is from the Burgundy Wee Bloodline.  Bred for their extremely tiny lines.  His mothers Dam is from Argentina and has a tremendous Champion Pedigree.  

CHI CHI is a gorgeous platinum blonde color. She is considered Sable and carries for Blonde. She is about 6 pounds and comes from a tiny bloodline.

She is registered with AKC.  She has tiny ears, short legs and compact body style.  Her gorgeous green eyes are big and curious.

                 FURBABIES ARE ON THE WAY!

Cheri's Tony Romo and Cheri's Sweet Izabella have been honeymooning during the Pandemic Shutdown.  SOOOO......

Tiny little Chocolate Kisses will be making their appearance around late May.  Springtime is definitely Puppy time.

This pair produces gorgeous little Chocolate Furbabies.  Izabel is from our very own line. Her mama, Lucille Ball will be waiting to  help  with the babies.  Of course, Romo will be handing out treats to celebrate the arrival.  Join our site and stay tuned for the big day.  We are  so excited!

                                                                                                                                         Chi Chi and Ziggy babies are due at

 the end of July

First Pick is reserved for Johneisha