Yorkies By Cheri 

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                                        CAN WE VISIT THE PUPPIES

There is something about new life that draws people. We get many requests from families wanting to come visit the puppies and that isn't surprising. Who doesn't want to touch and hold a cuddly newborn puppy. 

We understand the desire to hold a new puppy completely but in the interest of safety for our puppies we have a no visitation policy in effect to protect those precious little lives in our care.

Safety of the Puppies Immature immune system. 

Puppies are not protected against disease that can be brought in on shoes or clothing. Many breeders have lost entire litters of puppies due to disease, unknowingly, being brought into the breeders home. You don't have to touch a puppy to transfer disease to them. It can be transferred from your shoes or clothing to the floor or furniture only to be transferred to the paws or body of the mama, who then transfers it to her litter. 

New mama Yorkies are extremely protective of her babies. When strangers are in the home, even if mama is in another part of the house, she hears unfamiliar sounds and kicks into a highly emotional, protective state. This stress causes her body to create cortisol, and it in turn enters her milk. The puppies then consume the milk and become stressed as well. A stressed puppy is likely to succumb to hypoglycemia, illness or fail to thrive.

Stressed mamas panic and then are likely to step on or crush one of the babies.

Our mamas and their babies are accustomed to a structured routine. Regular feeding times, nap times, and play times. Our puppies do not go to their Vet for immunization until they are at lease 8 weeks old. They are on a worming schedule and puppy pad trained. Their mama schedules her time for feeding, playing and socializing her babies. I spend time with them daily to show them human love and care.

And lastly, inviting perfect strangers into the home is not only a personal safety risk but compromises our home environment. We live in the country and dont have close neighbors. Thanks so much for your understanding

After choosing your new puppy I will be streaming live videos and taking photos for your viewing.   Safety and care of our precious babies is of the utmost importance   Thank you so much  Cheri

AfI will be in touch to schedule a video stream to you. If there is a time convenient to you please let me know. Thanks for being part of our Yorkie Family. Cheri