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 Get On My Puppy Wait List

We can accept a $200 deposit before the fur babies arrive for our puppy clients who are serious about securing their one of a kind fur baby.  I almost always have a long wait line, however, right now I am coming off a break due to family.  I am just now beginning to resume my program taking deposits for clients sure about choosing a special puppy from Yorkies By Cheri.  

I have added some new Dams to our program to give a veriety of choices. Whatever you decide you can rest assured they will be receiving the very best love and care here with us. They have their own nursery and receive 24 hour care.  Our moms and their offspring are part of our family. They are spoiled and loved so when they go to their new home they will expect the same from their new family.  You can be sure they will give the same.  Yorkies are notorious for their being precocious and family oriented with much love to give.


  Coming Soon 

 Love is in the air here at our house.

The love birds are just dating now and getting to know each other.  I'm guessingin late July we will welcome some tiny and unique little fur babies.  Stay tuned and follow our progress.  Soon we will be hearing the pitter patter of tiny paws.

               Excitement abounds here at


             Yorkies By Cheri

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