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Newborn puppies have no immunity at birth.  They get their immunity from moms milk and after weaning their immunity is compromised further against any and all things foreign to their system.  I start my babies on Nu Vet Plus as soon as they begin to eat on their own.  I highly recommend it and encourage my puppy families to continue to give it to their fur babies when they go to their new homes.

There is ONLY ONE PetMoringa™ BALANCE.  It is the only pet-specific product containing full-spectrum Moringa Oleifera, a trifecta of probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes, chia seeds for help with elimination, and flavors and aroma specifically proven to be enticing to dogs and cats.  Be sure you’re getting the authentic PetMoringa™ BALANCE by always ordering directly from an Authorized Affiliate of The Health Whisperer™  

Full-Spectrum Moringa Products for Pets!

The Health Whisperer™ is the only company IN THE WORLD to offer Full-Spectrum Moringa Products for Pets!  Full-Spectrum Moringa, enhanced with species-appropriate and healthful additions will keep your pets healthy, happy, satisfied, and hopefully allow them to live their best lives for a longer time!

Our Roots are in the Miracle Tree!

Keeping your pet’s immune system strong is crucial in today’s environment. Household toxins, fertilizers, pesticides, and even many of today’s pet foods leave your pet’s immune system susceptible. Regular and even premium brand pet foods can contain toxins, bad bacteria, and “meat by-products” (an industry term for anything other than meat). Other common ingredients are fillers like corn, wheat and barley. These food ingredients and other environmental factors are prime sources for poor health in your pet.

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